Archdiocese launches new pro-life Web site

by Joe Bollig

KANSAS CITY, Kan. — Ron Kelsey knows that THINKING BIG sometimes requires taking one small step at a time.

Kelsey, archdiocesan consultant for pro-life ministry, was inspired by the late Pope John Paul II’s call for Catholics to build a “great campaign in support of life” as well as a culture of life.

And he knew just where to start. In early August, Kelsey launched the new archdiocesan pro-life Web site at: www.prolife

“The overall objective of the pro-life Web site is to really do what Pope John Paul II called for in his ‘Gospel of Life’ encyclical, which is to build a great campaign in support of life,” he said.

“So, all these features and capabilities of the Web site are designed so the people of the archdiocese can participate in building that great campaign,” he added. “We want it to be a tool that people can use.”

Kelsey designed his Web site with six objectives:

• To get more information out to the Catholic community

• To provide information to women facing unplanned pregnancies to help them make a decision to choose life

• To provide information to individuals who are dealing with the pain of abortion

• To offer a monthly e-newsletter, weekly e-briefs, and a monthly spiritual bouquet

• To serve as a gateway to other Web sites

• To inform visitors about upcoming pro-life events

The first page opens with three columns of statistics relating to both surgical and chemical abortions.

“Most people, I believe, don’t realize how pervasive infant homicide is,” he said. “Infant homicides are much more than just surgical abortions, [which represent] a relatively small portion of total infant homicides. I think that it’s important that people understand that.”

In addition to going to the Web site directly, people may also access it through a link on the archdiocesan Web site at: www.arch

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