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Olathe parish to host women’s day of reflection

ValLimar Jansen will perform at a Women’s Day of Reflection on March 24 at St. Paul Church in Olathe.

by Olivia Martin

OLATHE — Suzan Werner of St. Paul Parish here would travel hundreds miles at the drop of a hat just to see a near stranger.

That near stranger’s name is ValLimar Jansen.

A few years ago, Werner heard Jansen sing and perform a dramatic interpretation that told the stories of the women of the Bible in Manhattan. She was astounded.

“She is just one of those people that, when you talk to her or listen to her, you can see the love of God in her eyes,” she said.

Jansen is a singer, teacher, performer, author and inspirational speaker. She has performed internationally, served as emcee for the National Catholic Youth Conference and written and released many albums and books.

“After the first time I saw her perform,” Werner said, “I said if ValLimar were within 500 miles of me again, I’d go see her.”

It took a few years, but Jansen did indeed come within 500 miles of Werner. This time to Omaha, Nebraska.

“I called a friend and asked her and her husband to come to Omaha and see her perform,” she said. “I wanted to see if she was as impressed with [Jansen] as I was.”

Jansen did not disappoint. Both women and their husbands were touched by the beauty of her performance and message.

“Her message reiterates that we are all God’s children,” said Werner. “We are brothers and sisters no matter what.”

After seeing Jansen that second time, Werner knew she, with the help of her friends, had to bring her to St. Paul Parish in Olathe.

After a year of planning and preparations completed by a team of eight women, Jansen is finally coming to St. Paul for a Women’s Day of Reflection on March 24.

All women of the archdiocese are invited to attend and experience Jansen’s gifts, talents and deep love for God for themselves. The cost is $30 and includes a light breakfast, lunch, times of reflection and interaction, as well as speeches and a performance on the women of the Bible by Jansen.

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