Prayer is the first step

by Joe Bollig

KANSAS CITY, Kan. — For Pat Klausner, prayer is the first step she takes to help hurting women.

Klausner, a member of Holy Spirit Parish in Overland Park, is program coordinator for Project Rachel. Project Rachel is a healing ministry devoted to women who’ve experienced an abortion.

These women — and their children — are foremost in her mind as she prays.

“I office with the Wyandotte Pregnancy Center in Kansas City, Kansas,” said Klausner. “In the morning at about 9, we all gather for prayer. We pray for our clients and we pray for ourselves — that we may see [our clients’] needs surface. They come to us with a host of problems, so we pray for the Holy Spirit to guide us.”

Klausner and the WPC staff ask God to be with them as they do their work on behalf of their clients, and they ask that God’s grace will be experienced by their clients.

Klausner likes to pray the Divine Mercy chaplet at 3 p.m.

“I firmly believe in the Divine Mercy,” she said. “Three p.m. is the hour of Divine Mercy. I take a break, go outside and just walk around and pray the chaplet. I’m only out there a short time, about 10 minutes.”

A lot of people are shy about being seen praying the rosary in public. Klausner’s advice? Get over it. A witness of prayer may be just what it takes to encourage someone else to pray, too.

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