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Column: CEF sponsors can’t be thanked enough — but we’ll try

Michael Morrisey is the executive director of the Catholic Education Foundation. You can reach him at (913) 647-0383 or send an email to him at:

Michael Morrisey is the executive director of the Catholic Education Foundation. You can reach him at (913) 647-0383 or send an email to him at:

by Michael Morrisey

It is the time of year that brings me both joy and sadness at the same time.

The joy is that THANKS to you, in a couple of weeks, 1,345 CEF kids will move on to the next grade level. The sadness is that I don’t get to communicate with you for several months. I know that makes you sad as well.

As the school year comes to a close, traditionally you ask for feedback from our CEF families. As always, I am here to please you, my readers.

A CEF student writes: “THANK you for everything you do. I don’t think my mom could pay for my schooling without you. You guys are amazing! Every step we take we learn more about God and Jesus. I love CEF!”

A CEF dad writes: “We want to THANK you for your generosity. My wife and I live paycheck to paycheck. Both of us have picked up extra jobs in addition to our full-time jobs to make ends meet. I cannot imagine what we would do without the CEF scholarship and I hope you realize we are so grateful. THANK you and God bless!”

A CEF mom writes: “This is just a small note of THANKS because words cannot express my gratitude for the CEF help we have been given. The last few years have been a struggle. In 2012, I battled and conquered breast cancer. There are a lot of unpaid bills. The CEF tuition assistance was a blessing and kept my two daughters in their fabulous CEF school. THANK you so much and bless your heart!”

Another CEF mom writes: “Our family truly appreciates your generosity. It is important to us that our son learns that God is present and active in all that he does. The faith-based education that he receives reinforces that. The Catholic education he receives also teaches him that it is important to help other people. As a public school teacher I know our son would not receive [at a public school] the character education he receives at our CEF school. The school is one large extended family that cares for one another. We would not be a part of this school family without CEF help, THANK you!”

A CEF pastor advises: “We would not have a school if it wasn’t for CEF. We can’t THANK you enough for supporting our families!”

As I sign off for this fiscal year, I want to personally THANK each and every one of you for making CEF what it is today.

That is, an organization that helps kids living in poverty attend Catholic schools. Your caring about our CEF families is unparalleled. Please know that you are appreciated by many, more than you will ever know!

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