Archdiocese Local Special Issue - Convocation

App makes convocation interactive

The Enflame app connected delegates throughout the convocation and will continue to do so in the future as they work on evangelization efforts in their communities.

by Moira Cullings

A technologically savvy society calls for modern evangelization tactics, and the Enflame convocation’s did not disappoint.

The Enflame app, which delegates were encouraged to download on their smart phones before arriving at the event, connected attendees throughout the event and will continue to do so into the future.  

The app offers an activity stream where delegates can post photos and share ideas about how to evangelize effectively.

During the convocation, delegates shared photos of their parish groups and posted comments about how the three-day event was going.

They were encouraged to answer poll questions, like: “What is your top barrier to prayer at home?” and to complete a survey at the end of the convocation about their experience.

Everyone with an account on the app is listed under its “People” tab, along with his or her contact information and an option to send someone a private message.

The app also links to the Enflame website, which offers resources and the ability to share stories about what is working at your parish and what challenges you need advice about.

As the convocation began to wrap up, Jennie Punswick, the convocation’s emcee, reminded delegates to take advantage of the app as they go back to their own parishes.

“I knew that we would find and encounter beauty here in these three days,” said Punswick. “I knew that we would see truth and I knew that we would see goodness.

“But I’ve been overwhelmed by the oneness.”

“Stay united,” she added. “The app is a great way to stay connected with those people that you met here.”

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