Special Issue - World Youth Day

Archbishop encourages discernment of religious life

by Katie Hyde
Special to The Leaven

Recalling his own story of discernment, Archbishop Joseph F. Naumann encouraged the pilgrims of World Youth Day to prayerfully consider their own vocations while walking in the footsteps of the great saints of Poland.

As Archbishop Naumann recalled, he was “floating along in my discernment” until a six-week retreat during his sophomore year of high school seminary inspired him to take a good look at his own doubts and struggles in his vocation.

After eight days of silence at the culmination of the retreat, Archbishop Naumann emerged confident not only of God’s presence in his life, but also of his own vocation to become a priest.

Building off of his own story, he encouraged the pilgrims of World Youth Day to take time in Po-land to reflect on their own callings. And he asked the two Franciscan Sisters and 23 archdiocesan seminarians to share their stories of discernment with the young pilgrims.

“During these days of pilgrimage, I encourage you to say your ‘fiat,’ your ‘yes’ to the Lord,” said Archbishop Naumann during Mass in the Marian shrine of Jasna Gora.

“Ask what Our Lord is calling you to do. Be open to this calling,” he continued. “Our Lord needs great disciples in every field and area on earth.

“Ask for the grace in this place to say yes to the Lord’s calling.”

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