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Column: Five key steps to ending abortion

by Ron Kelsey

In this column I would like to build on some ideas presented in my previous columns and to identify five key steps that I believe are necessary for winning the battle over abortion. I will not focus on legislative or political activities, but on winning hearts and minds.

1. Society must readily accept the biological fact that a human being comes into existence at the moment of fertilization, i.e., conception. This fact has been definitively established by embryology, a branch of biology. Instead, through deception and ignorance, we often hear that we do not know when life begins. However, just as we know that the earth is not flat, we know that life begins at fertilization. Many of those who are pro-abortion know this fact but continue to spread lies and deception because they know that once society widely embraces that human beings come into existence at the moment of fertilization, many hearts and minds will demand that we protect such new human beings. This step is crucial.

2. Society must readily accept that human beings are very unique — extraordinarily unique — among all animal species and thereby warrant being treated accordingly, including all such classes of human beings. Thousands of examples are readily available to prove this point.

3. Pro-choice is a fatally flawed term that diverts attention away from the life of the human being contemplated in being killed. We must help others clearly see the choice that is being considered and then use our reason and proper judgment in making valid moral choices. I encourage not using the term “pro-choice,” instead say, “in favor of the option to kill an unborn child.”

4. Up to this point we have not specifically called upon our faith to change hearts and minds. Calling upon our faith, we acknowledge that each unborn human being is a child of God. Proper understanding of our faith leads us to the conclusion that all unborn human beings deserve to be respected, loved and protected in the same fashion as our born children deserve.

5. Finally, we must come to the aid of our most defenseless brothers and sisters. We must be soldiers of Christ in this battle. We must fight with the gentleness and compassion that he has shown us. This does not mean being timid. Rather, he asks us to fight with courage and determination, carrying the weapons of truth, love and prayer.

And, if we but ask for our Blessed Mother’s help, she will purify and multiply our efforts and make them perfectly acceptable to her Son. If we but make ourselves available, God will deliver the successes.

We are called only to be faithful.

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