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Column: Grandson opens columnist’s eyes to the comfort of the Lord

by Jacki Corrigan

The Bible clearly identifies the kingdom of God and its relationship to children. Children possess an innate goodness that is pleasing to God.

I do not pretend to trespass on the great work of biblical scholars, but I would like to share a grandmother’s experience.

I have been privileged to be present as the seed of wisdom sweetly tumbles from the mouths of babes. Jesus called the children to himself and said, “Let the children come to me and do not prevent them.” He proceeded to reveal that the kingdom of heaven is for “such as these.” Precious children innocently speak words of wisdom which often connect us with the love of God. 

Last Saturday, following morning Mass, my husband and I met our three-year-old grandson, Christopher, and his mother for breakfast. As we were getting ready to depart and sail off into the sea of Saturday chores, I was treated with a big boy hug and a goodbye kiss. He then said to me, “Grandma, are you crying?”

My brain went through a quick rotation of thoughts: Do I explain that the eyedrops I use cause my eyes to be red and dry, or do I try to use a childlike approach? I chose the latter saying, “Christopher, I’m sad, because I will miss you when I go home.”

He then patted me on the hand and said, “You be OK. When you get home, your mama will hug you and make you feel better.” Then, the tears from my tenderized heart leapt into my eyes and became proof that I was indeed tearful. His empathy softened my world.

There is wisdom in the words of small children and to journey with them through life is to embark on a road that allows us to see the world through the eyes of innocence. It allows us to delight in a ladybug with a deeper joy than any object we have ever owned. It lets our heart giggle and savor the simplest — yet, sweetest — moments of life. We gain a new perspective as we are immersed in wonder and delight that only a child’s eyes can see.

If a child feels safe, protected, strengthened, secure, happy, and at peace, in the arms of his mother or father, then what must it feel like to rest in the arms of God. His arms are open, he invites me to come and rest awhile with him. But the chores of life, the busyness of everyday living jumps in front of me as I walk toward him.

Still, God beckons. But do I long for his embrace as sweetly as a three-year-old longs for his mother’s arms?

I have miles to go and lessons to learn if I am to enter the kingdom of God. I am blessed that I have many great and young teachers to lead me.

I must schedule another breakfast meeting soon.


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