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Column: Join us in peaceful, prayerful witness

Ron Kelsey is the archdiocesan consultant for the pro-life office. You can email him at: or call him at (913) 647-0350.

Ron Kelsey is the archdiocesan consultant for the pro-life office. You can email him at: or call him at (913) 647-0350.

by Ron Kelsey

With the recent closing of the abortion clinic in Kansas City, Kansas, we are changing the location of the monthly pro-life Mass.

We will now gather at Leawood’s Church of the Nativity, located at 3800 W. 119th, on the first Saturday of each month, beginning on Oct. 4 at the 8:15 a.m. Mass. After Mass, we will drive to the Planned Parenthood abortion clinic and pray the rosary. Planned Parenthood is located at 4401 W. 109th St., Overland Park.

Planned Parenthood is one of two remaining abortion clinics in the Kansas City metro area. And these two clinics are only a few blocks from each other. This will allow us to better focus our efforts to increase awareness of each clinic, pray near each location and stand in public witness to abortions occurring in our community. Planned Parenthood kills several thousand unborn babies each year at their Overland Park location and, as the nation’s largest abortion provider, they kill over 300,000 unborn babies each year in the United States. The evil done by Planned Parenthood must cease.

Imagine what we would do if an organization killed several thousand newborn babies each year in the KC metro area. We would not tolerate this. Our community would be very active publicly to end the slaughter. We should be very active publicly over abortion.

There is no difference in God’s eyes between unborn babies and born babies. But many of us remain silent. Compare this silence to what happens when a child goes missing. An Amber Alert is sent out and we leave no stone unturned to find the missing child. This is the type of committed action that God expects from us to protect unborn babies.

Yet many of us remain silent about abortion, and worse, many even vote for politicians who are so-called pro-choice. Would we vote for politicians who support- ed legalized killing of born babies? Of course not.

If no one voted for politicians who were pro-choice, we would rapidly find that no politician would declare himself to be pro-choice and abortions would cease. But legalized abortions continue at unimaginable rates and many of us remain silent.

How do we break our silence? Stand in prayerful, peaceful witness at abortion clinics. Become a visible presence opposed to abortion. We are blessed to be able to peacefully gather in public in prayer and witness to end abortion. We need not risk our lives to defend the unborn. Rather, we must merely sacrifice our time to change hearts and minds.

Join in prayer and witness at Planned Parenthood. Stay tuned for a major new initiative from the pro-life office. Our focus is now Planned Parenthood.

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