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Column: Prayer life stuck? We have guides for your spiritual journey

Tim Chik

Has your prayer life hit a dead end? Or perhaps you have been walking the same circular path over and over? In the journey that is prayer, we need an experienced guide to help us find the path.

Imagine for a moment that you were going on a trek through the mountains or across the desert on safari. Would you consider going on either trip by yourself, without a guide? Of course not. You would take provisions, a map, a guide and perhaps some companions. Indeed, even a simple road trip is better with friends!

The spiritual journey is like that spectacular mountain trek. There are vistas that await us as we peer down on a crystal clear mountain lake, so blue — a deep blue that kisses the sky and makes you wonder where the lake ends and the sky begins. But what if we never reach the peak to ponder this beauty? What if our steps go astray, since we do not know the way?

In the spiritual life, these moments of grace are waiting for us as well: when you peer into your soul and see yourself as God created you to be — a holy and pure child of God. If you would hire a mountain guide for your expedition, you ought to consider hiring a spiritual guide as well.

There are several ways that you can do this: find a trusted priest to be your spiritual director; go on a retreat to Christ’s Peace House of Prayer; reach out to the Apostles of the Interior Life and seek to be paired with a spiritual mentor. Each of these alternatives could help you progress to the next stage of your spiritual journey.

With regard to the Spiritual Mentorship program, perhaps you are feeling the call to help others along the path and become a guide for them. Savior Pastoral Center is grateful and humbled to host the Apostles of the Interior Life twice a year for their mentorship program. Of all the many varied programs, workshops and retreats that we host, the Spiritual Mentorship program is one of the most powerful and sustaining.

Archbishop Naumann said, “My dream for the archdiocese is to be able to awaken in the hearts of many a yearning for holiness. If we are able to succeed in this area, we will need an army of spiritual mentors who will be trained to help guide and assist others in developing a rich life of prayer. I am very grateful for the presence of the Apostles of the Interior Life in the archdiocese with their special charism and expertise in the area of spiritual direction. I am thrilled with their willingness to help form others to be spiritual mentors.”

Seek a good guide for your mountain trek, and may all your spiritual journeys take you ever more closely to Christ!


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