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Column: Seven simple steps to conquer an addiction

by Sam Meier

Regardless of how often you or your loved one has struggled, here are seven strategies for longterm freedom from pornography.

This is a condensed version of a new two-page overview, called “7 Steps to Long-Term Freedom from Pornography,” available on the website at: MyHouse

1) Boundaries — Use accountability software on computers, cellphones, iPads and iPods (for instance, Covenant, or Bsecure. com) and stay away from tempting situations like channel surfing, going to bed after your wife, and hotels with pornographic videos (try

2) Theology of the Body (TOB) — TOB resources are some of the best sources of encouragement for sexual integrity and better intimacy. Christopher West and Jason Evert are TOB speakers with amazing CDs, articles and Web resources at: ChristopherWest. com,, and ImagoDei-TOB. org. Some of the best TOB speakers in the country — including Jason Evert, Dr. Janet Smith, Mark Wassmer and Patty Schneier — will be in Olathe this weekend! Prince of Peace Church is co-hosting a conference for men, parents and teens on Jan. 27 and 28, and next weekend for couples and women. Over 3,000 people came to these conferences last year, and this conference could dramatically improve the level of intimacy and closeness in your marriage and in your teen’s future marriage! For more information, visit the website at:

3) Myths about Pornography — Matt Fradd has a great Catholic website — — that includes articles about pornography myths from men and women who used to work in the pornography industry.

4) Teamwork & Accountability — Dan Spencer with the National Fellowship of Catholic Men ( has done amazing work on developing strategies and men’s accountability groups for sexual integrity. Being open and honest with other men is often doing them a favor and can encourage them to be real about struggles with lust that most Catholic men need accountability to break free from. Men who are compulsively using pornography often need 12- step groups and counseling for long-term freedom.

5) Pray or Become Prey — Being open and honest with priests during confession, receiving the Eucharist at Mass every week, eucharistic adoration, and spiritual direction are incredibly beneficial for freedom from pornography.

6) Marriage Enrichment — Worldwide Marriage Encounter ( can help to drastically improve communication as well as emotional, spiritual and physical intimacy in marriages. Retrouvaille ( is a Catholic program that is great for difficult marriage situations and has saved over 100,000 marriages with an 80 percent success rate!

7) Support for Women — Women whose loved ones are struggling with pornography often experience feelings of trauma, anger, loneliness, and anxiety. Women who are in relationships with men who are addicted to pornography often need professional counseling along with spousal support groups to process through the painful emotions.

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