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Column: Unborn aren’t only victims of our contraceptive culture

by Ron Kelsey

In one of my earlier articles, I identified the massive number of abortions in our society that are caused by “contraceptives.”

In this article, I would like to identify another prominent victim in our society. This victim is subject to terrible abuses on a broad scale but, unlike the unborn, this victim can speak. Yet this victim is relatively silent. Why? And where are the people who should come to the defense of this victim and cry out against the grave injustices inflicted? Why are they silent?

Who is this victim? Woman.

Before we can fully understand the abuses of woman and the accompanying silence, we must first turn to our culture. Our culture defines what we value, what is important to us. In our current culture of death, our consciences have been dulled to where we have become tolerant, apathetic and complicit with many grievous wrongs.

Within our popular culture, man treats woman as a sexual object rather than as a child of God. As man, we use woman instead of loving her. We drug her with the “contraceptive” pill for the sake of “sexual freedom.” When contraceptives fail, we coerce her into aborting her child — our child. If she insists on giving birth, we abandon her to raise the child alone.

We have lost our sense of family, our sense of man, and this has resulted in man abandoning one of his very important roles, which is to love and protect the “flesh of his flesh.”

The picture painted above is indeed very grim, but we always have hope. Before society can come to grips with solving a problem, however, it must first acknowledge that it exists, and I do not believe that society has yet arrived at this point. Do you hear discussions that woman is one of the most prominent victims in our culture?

So what do we do in this kind of environment? Certainly we must pray. And we must seek the intercession of the woman that Christ gave to us as he was dying on the cross. In addition to praying, we must help society see the inherent dignity of woman as a child of God and not as a sexual object, and we must love and respect woman rather than use her.

One very simple and very visible example that man can do to show this respect owed to woman is to do something that man used to do in the past — open her car door. Just imagine if this gentlemanly gesture was adopted again by many. Visualize our church parking lots and retail store parking lots with this occurring. What a beautiful example to witness to the dignity of woman.

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