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Column: Words matter — child, not choice

by Ron Kelsey 

Often before a problem can be solved, it must first be defined. This requires the proper use of words — words that clearly identify and focus on the problem.

Therefore, the misuse of words can complicate the process of resolving issues. Sometimes the misuse of words is unintentional; however, sometimes words are intentionally misused in order to deceive. “Pro-choice” is an example of a deceptive term, and its use has greatly complicated solving the problem of abortion. It is therefore gravely deceptive.

“Pro-choice” is a marketing term used and promoted heavily by the abortion industry to shift the focus away from the horrendous issue of killing an unborn child.

“Pro-choice” attempts to shift the focus to personal choice. It is verbal sleight of hand. And, unfortunately, it has been very effective. It has been enthusiastically adopted by many politicians and others who claim to be personally opposed to abortion, but . . .

But the issue is child, not choice. As all good parents teach, choices have consequences, and the choice of abortion is a fatal consequence to the child and a tragedy for the mother.

Much of society has bought into the pro-choice marketing mentality, which can be witnessed by how infrequently we hear someone referring to oneself as pro-abortion.

“Pro-choice” has set up a false dualism that one can be personally opposed to abortion yet pro-choice. How do we help someone see the falsehood of this position? First, we should speak the truth with clarity and charity.

Hopefully, we can move someone away from an emotional position to one based upon reason. Ask questions to help individuals who call themselves pro-choice understand what this really means.

For example: What choice are you referring to? A woman’s right to choose what? So you believe that it should be legal to kill an unborn child? Help them to focus on the child. Another important line of questioning is: Do you feel that it is a valid position to be personally opposed to ______ (fill in the blank with one of the following: child molestation; rape; child abuse; infanticide; murder) but pro-choice on this issue?

For many people, this will help them see the false dualism of the “personally opposed but pro-choice” language. If this questioning still has not helped, another question might be: “How do you think that God’s commandment — Thou shall not kill — applies to pro- choice?”

Finally, we must recognize this as a spiritual battle — a battle between the Word and the father of deception. Pray that the Holy Spirit will enlighten the consciences of all to see the truth and see the need to defend and protect all innocent life.

Mary, mother of the Word, patroness of the unborn, pray for us.

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