Family matters

If you’re asking, ‘is this all there is?’ look no further

Family matters
Deacon Tony Zimmerman is the lead archdiocesan consultant for the office of marriage and family life.

by Deacon Tony Zimmerman

My eighth-grade teacher would sometimes look at me and proclaim: “Zimmerman, you make me tired!”  

She wasn’t being abusive or unkind. It probably was tiring to see me daydreaming and find me unable to answer a question about the material she was teaching.

I never asked her but I wonder now if she ever thought: “Is this what I signed up for when I decided to pursue teaching?” Is this all there is?

We feverishly chase possessions, job dreams, personal dreams and dreams for our children. Our calendars are full.

At the end of the day, when we collapse into a chair or lay in bed, do we feel like saying to our life: “You make me tired!” “Is this all there is to life?” “Isn’t there more?”

Yes, there is more!  We won’t find it in all the worldly things we pursue. St. Augustine would tell us that God made us for himself and that our hearts are restless until we rest in him. 

Here is a suggestion for finding that rest in God: an invitation to “Made for More” on April 4 from 7-9:30 p.m. at Prince of Peace Church in Olathe.

 Made for More is an inspired blend of teaching by Christopher West, of St. John Paul II’s theology of the body and the live music of Mike Mangione.

Mike is a world-class musician and songwriter whose ability to infuse theological truths into poetic narrative has earned him the respect of clergy and rock stars alike.

Together, they will offer a vision of the Gospel like you’ve never heard it before through the lens of St. John Paul II’s theology of the body.

Over 1,100 people attended this event in Topeka in February of 2018. One attendee shared: “It’s not enough to meet the minimum standards as a husband and father. To truly make a difference, we need to tap into our God-given potential. That’s easier said than done without sacred inspiration and guidance. Experiencing the ‘Made for More’ gave me that spark to dive head first into my faith, enhancing my relationship with my wife and children . . . and my parish family.”

Others who attended shared that it was a great support and inspiration to be in the company of so many other people who were looking for a sense of direction and hope in our world that is so troubled.

This event is appropriate for ages 15 years and up. Tickets are $20 and selling quickly. Please contact Larissa Smith by email at or call (913) 747-7746 for tickets or for more information.

To purchase tickets online go to:

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