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Living room ‘studio’ brings fresh vibe

A group of local musicians called the Wea Trio who are part of the 11 a.m. choir at Queen of the Holy Rosary Parish in Wea have recorded a CD that is on sale now.

by Moira Cullings

WEA — Gather around the living room and enjoy the sweet sounds of The Wea Trio.

All you have to do is throw on your headphones or turn up your stereo and you’ll feel like you’re right there with the talented singing group.

“Our CD is called ‘One Mic, One Take’ because it actually is — we did it in one mic and one take,” said Brad Steele.

Steele and fellow trio members Dennis Coulas and Ernie Ballweg recorded their Gospel album in Steele’s living room.

“We’re sitting around a single mic, and [that’s how] we recorded almost every one of these songs,” said Steele.

The three singers are part of the 11 a.m. choir at Queen of the Holy Rosary in Wea and decided to record an album a year ago.

“Every second Communion song [we play] is, for the most part, an old Gospel tune,” said Steele.

“We had a lot of people come up to us after Mass and compliment us on the music.

“I thought: What would be better than to record it and maybe try to make a little money and give back to the parish?”

The original plan — to record the album at Ballweg’s friend’s studio — was scrapped when rehearsals in Steele’s living room brought a fresh, unique vibe to the group’s work.

“The style is classic Gospel tunes in a living room setting,” said Steele.

The group’s goal for listeners, he said, is: “When you put it in, you feel like you’re sitting in the fourth chair.”

So far, they’ve succeeded in that dream.

“A lot of the feedback has been remarkably positive,” said Steele, “both inside and outside the parish.”

Already giving time and talent, the group will also offer their treasure by giving as much of their profits as possible back to the church.

Steele, a Methodist, hopes listeners — both Christian and non-Christian alike — will be inspired by the music.

“I hope it brings more people to Mass,” he said.

“If people hear it and are inspired to come to Mass more often,” he added, “that’s the best thing we can do with it.

“For people who hear it who aren’t Christian, maybe if they hear it, it can bring them in and get them to listen to more than just the music.”

If you are interested in purchasing “One Mic, One Take” in digital format, visit the website at: www.cdbaby.com/artist/weatrio.

To purchase a CD of the album, find the trio after 11 a.m. Mass at Queen of the Holy Rosary.

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