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by Sam Meier

There are several exciting updates we have been working on, including a new infographic to protect Catholic children from pornography, two large events with Christopher West in February and a workshop in November for sexual integrity.

We have developed a new infographic on three effective ways that Catholic parishes and schools can protect children from the dangers of pornography and sexual abuse.

The infographic includes a survey published in’s 2017 “Informed” workbook, indicating that 70 percent of students at a Catholic high school reported viewing pornography multiple times per week or more.

The infographic has three action steps for Catholic parishes and schools, including having all K-12th-grade parents watch the video on pornography and sexting, distributing the book “Wonderfully Made Babies” to the parents of all fourth-graders and distributing the book “Good Pictures Bad Pictures” to the parents of all second-graders.

The infographic also includes several other great resources for parents including software, the book “Every Parent’s Battle” by Dan Spencer and

West, a bestselling author and popular speaker, will offer a presentation with Mike Mangione on Feb. 2 in Topeka and on Feb. 3 in Lee’s Summit, Missouri.

The Feb. 2 event in Topeka is open to adults and teens over 15, and will be in the Beultel Activity Center gym at Hayden High School.

The Topeka event will be similar to West’s and Mangione’s dynamic event several years ago at Johnson County Community College with live music, art and stories that tap the deepest desires of the human heart.

On Feb. 3, West and Mangione will give a keynote presentation at the Men of Valor conference hosted at Abundant Life in Lee’s Summit, Missouri.

These will be wonderful opportunities to hear West offer a vision of the Gospel through the lens of St. John Paul II’s theology of the body.

Personally, theology of the body has had a profoundly positive impact on my marriage, and the marriages of many men and couples I have worked with in the counseling office over the years.

On Nov. 9-11, we will have our next My House workshop at Savior Pastoral Center for men healing from sexual struggles, porn addiction, broken trust, infidelity, etc. This three-day workshop features national experts Dr. Todd Bowman and Father Sean Kilcawley.

Most of the men who have come to these workshops are in their 40s to 60s, and have shared feedback about their experiences of hope and healing.

Please say a prayer for these new resources and upcoming events!

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