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The fight for life will take each and every one of us

Allison Donohue is the Archdiocese of Kansas City in Kansas’ pro-life director.

by Allison Donohue

This summer, I had the pleasure of traveling to the second annual Pro-Life Women’s Conference in Orlando, Florida.

There, I was able to meet women from all over the world — whose skin color was different than mine, whose religion was different than mine and even whose politics were different from mine.

Yet, we had one thing in common: We all saw the urgency to end abortion and to stand up for the most innocent among us.

We as women understood the great tragedy of seeing innocent unborn children killed before having a chance to live. It was something that unified us.

I was most struck by the panel of African-American women who spoke to the heart of the black culture. These women were mothers, doctors and lawyers. Their cry was urgent: We must stop killing our own people.

They brought forth the striking statistic that minority women constitute about 13 percent of the female population, yet they underwent nearly 36 percent of the abortions in the United States.

They referred to this issue of abortion in their community as the “black genocide.”

The point could not be made more poignantly: We can no longer sit on the sidelines in our communities, wherever they may be. We must set aside our differences and be united in a voice for the unborn.

Our world is constantly pulling us into division.

Yet, it is this very important issue that can bring us together.

It is a reminder that the face of the pro-life movement is not of one gender, one ethnicity, one political party or one religion.

It’s an issue that everyone needs to be a part of. It is a reminder that what’s at stake is human lives.

And for this we have no time to waste on what divides us, but only for what brings us together.

We must unite to end abortion.

It will take each and every one of us.

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