Do unto others

Column: Masters of the universe should listen to the pope

by Bill Scholl 

The economy’s hurting. Don’t ask me how it happened. (If you can explain derivatives, I’ll treat you to a Coke at the chancery).

However, we all sense that this sudden economic downturn is the function of a systematic moral failure.

A corporate culture of greed and indifference, functioning at the highest levels of economic activity, has ultimately led to this mess. As with all things moral, the church’s doctrine provides a sure guide that could have prevented our troubles. In particular, our economic woes manifest the need to apply the Catholic social justice principles of solidarity and subsidiarity in order to return to prosperity.

Pope Benedict XVI in a recent address, entitled “Pursuing the Common Good: How Solidarity and Subsidiarity Can Work Together,” taught that understanding and applying these principles are crucial to addressing the manifold problems that currently beset mankind.

He summarizes these principles when he teaches: “Solidarity refers to the virtue enabling the human family to share fully the treasure of material and spiritual goods, and subsidiarity is the coordination of society’s activit