Seeking Christ's heart

Column: Catholic super food: Camp Tekakwitha

Seeking Christ's heart

Deacon Dana Nearmyer is the lead consultant for the archdiocesan office of evangelization and Catholic formation of youth.

by Deacon Dana Nearmyer 

The Catholic Church is full of grace and goodness, but somehow lots of young people struggle to deeply connect to Christ and the church.

Young people have tough questions, and they often do not accept even great answers. They want something better; they want to be immersed in the answer.

Camp Tekakwitha is an immersion into the Catholic faith that seeks to offer answers to the deepest questions that young people struggle with. Your kids and grandkids deserve to experience this gem of the archdiocese.

What is so great about Camp Tekakwitha? The horses, mountain boards, climbing wall, ropes course and “Wet Willy” giant water slide are great, but they are not the best part of camp.

The best part of Camp Tekakwitha is being surrounded by Spirit-filled staff and amazing campers. The Holy Spirit works in beautiful and unique ways at Camp Tekakwitha because the Holy Spirit is at the center of the Tekakwitha experience.

We listen to the voice of God through Scripture, nature, testimony and the sacraments. Campers are placed in cabins and given adventures that help them develop close friendships and a deeper faith in Christ.

Young people seek mentors and great friends. The college students that serve at Camp Tekakwitha are selected through a rigorous vetting, hiring and training process. They are remarkable role models; they are selected because of their great personalities and rich relationships with Jesus Christ.

Our campers come from wonderful families like yours. The incredible conversations and experiences that campers share create lifetime memories.

We hold Camp Tekakwitha at the beautiful Prairie Star Ranch in Williamsburg, amid its beautiful hills, lakes, creeks, treehouses and stunning nighttime stars. Prayer, deep spiritual activities and tremendously fun activities are hallmarks of Camp Tekakwitha.

Don’t take my word for it; ask around. See our photos on Facebook and Instagram.

Check out our many camp videos! You can see them on our Camp Tekakwitha Youtube channel. You can click on the camp video link on our Web page.

2016 Camp Tekakwitha Schedule

Registration for all camps is now open. Register online at:

Sr. High Max                     $400            June 13-18

Sr. High Extreme              $470            July 29 – Aug. 6

High school entering 9-12th grade (Fall 2016)


Junior High 1                   $390            May 31 – June 5

Junior High 2                   $390            June 20 – 25

Junior High 3                   $390            June 27 – July 2

Junior High 4                   $390            July 11 – 16

Junior High entering 7th/8th grade (Fall 2016)

Registration opened Feb. 2.


Kateri 1                              $250            June 6 – 8

Kateri 2                              $250            June 9 – 11

Kateri 3                              $250            July 18 – 20

Kateri 4                              $250            July 25 – 27

Kateri entering 5th/6th grade (Fall 2016)


Family Camp                     $125            July 22 – 24

Cost is per person for ages 2 years and older. Under 2 years are free.



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