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Column: Christ, through his church, offers us living water

Bill Scholl is the archdiocesan consultant for social justice. You can email him at:

Bill Scholl is the archdiocesan consultant for social justice. You can email him at:

by Bill Scholl

Here is the strangest homily I’ve ever heard. The priest walked to the pulpit and told this story:

There was a prophet who had a vision from God. “Leave your village and go to a cave,” said the Lord. “Spend one year’s time storing up water for yourself, for next year the water of the village will be poisoned. Anyone who drinks of this water will go insane.”

So the prophet did as he was told and stored up enough water to drink for a lifetime.

After a year, people in the village began to go mad and so the prophet fled to his cave. Months went by, and the prophet became very lonely. So he walked to the village to see what had become of the people. Upon entering the town, he saw they were all insane.

The villagers noticed he was not like them for he did not drink their water. They attacked and tried to kill him. The prophet barely escaped and returned to his cave full of safe water. There he lived, all alone, until the day he returned to the village, and he drank their water.

The priest then walked away with no explanation and started the eucharistic prayers.

“This is the worst homily I’ve ever heard,” I thought. Yet, I find myself thinking of this homily now more than any other.

Frequently, our culture urges me to drink the strange waters of insanity. I’m told by Facebook there are over 50 genders beyond just male and female. I’m told by television that sex is recreational and morally meaningless at one moment, and yet also a profound expression of love — if the script calls for it.

However, the strangest water held up for me to drink insists that there is
no morally relevant difference between the sex of a homosexual couple and the sex of a heterosexual couple and that anyone who thinks differently is a homophobic bigot.

“Bigot, bigot” is what the media villagers cry to anyone who even hints that there is a created moral order. It doesn’t matter that the lifelong marriage between one man and one woman is the primary way our civilization protects and nurtures children. Anyone who speaks out against same-sex marriage, for whatever reason, is an enemy of equality and must be marginalized or destroyed. Drink the water or die.

However, Christ through his church offers us “living water.”

If you, or someone you love, is struggling with same-sex attraction and
you don’t want to drink the strange water of insanity, you don’t have to be alone. We have Courage and Encourage chapters in the Kansas City area to help. To learn more, call our helpline at (913) 428-9893.

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