Column: Help us make believers of disadvantaged kids

Michael Morrisey is the executive director of the Catholic Education Foundation. You can reach him at (913) 647-0383 or send an email to him at:

Michael Morrisey is the executive director of the Catholic Education Foundation. You can reach him at (913) 647-0383 or send an email to him at:

by Michael Morrisey

Believing the unbelievable is an oxymoron for sure. But is it possible?

Our academia friends might say that theoretically it is not possible, but I say to them “au contraire.”

Let me provide a few examples for the nonbelievers.

When this baseball season started, how many of you would have guessed that our beloved men in blue would be in this year’s World Series? The only person who raised his hand is a guy in the back whose name is Ned. And it appears that, as I write this article, he has a group of guys in a clubhouse who believe in each other such that they are on the cusp of making World Series history. Who would have thought? Please “don’t stop believing.”

How about others who hold fast and say, “Seeing is believing”?

OK, what about this one?

Would you believe that 1,437 people showed up for a CEF Gaudeamus dinner the night of Game 4 of the World Series to honor two people and a CEF school rather than watching the game elsewhere? You’d better believe it! I was there to see it. Same ballpark, but a different inning — would you believe that over a million dollars were pledged that same night to help kids go to Catholic schools? Believe me, it is true.

And then there are the kids and families who receive the kindness of those who support the Catholic Education Foundation. I have been told many times over by CEF parents that they can’t believe their children are being given the opportunity to attend one of our CEF schools. They are in total disbelief. But, thanks to you, it is happening. You are making believers out of these parents.

The night of our Gaudeamus dinner, one of our CEF parents told me he was choked up by the overwhelming support he felt from CEF donors. He was struggling to comprehend that people they do not know genuinely care about them. He believes now, because it is happening today for him and his family.

And, believe me, they are truly appreciative of the opportunity to send their kids to one of our Catholic schools.

Lastly and most importantly, we have our CEF kids, who believe that their Catholic school dreams can come true. They want to attend a school that allows them to get closer to God. CEF believes these kids deserve the chance to enhance their lives through prayer.

Many thanks to those who believe Catholic education should be made available to all, regardless of their financial circumstances. You are making believers of these kids and their families and making their dreams a reality!

Please “don’t stop believing.”

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