Column: More than a Band-Aid, Catholic education is actually the cure

Michael Morrisey is the executive director of the Catholic Education Foundation. You can reach him at (913) 647-0383 or send an email to him at:

Michael Morrisey is the executive director of the Catholic Education Foundation. You can reach him at (913) 647-0383 or send an email to him at:

by Michael Morrisey

Spring break has just ended and we can see the finish line for this school year.

I am excited to let you know that, back by popular demand, is my two-part series. I can tell you are on the edge of your seats with much anticipation!

Per your request, I am responding to your question: “Why should I support the Catholic Education Foundation?” It is a fair question. In our world today, where we all get pulled in many directions, I am glad that you asked and am happy to respond.

To answer your question, I have gone to the streets and have interviewed several CEF supporters. No, this is not a reality series, but it is real!

Last week, I was with a family of multiple siblings who all contribute to CEF.  They advised:

“Your organization helps families who need assistance to send their kids to Catholic schools. That is a very cool thing.”

“The families you help are not looking for a free lunch as they contribute what they can. We understand that they have to stretch their $24,000 annual income to provide the best that they can for their families but, at the end of the day, something has to give. There are just not enough dollars left. That is where we come in, and we are glad to assist.”

“We as a family have been blessed. It is our obligation and pleasure to give these children the life-changing experience they deserve, that is, a Catholic school education!”

I am still on the streets with another individual: “If we don’t help these families, who is going to help them? The Catholic schools were an important part of my life and are the foundation for the person that I am today. We have to give your CEF kids the same life-changing experience.”

And another: “In our crazy world today, children need all the help they can get to make the right decisions in their daily lives. What better help than to get an education with a Catholic focus?”

And lastly, from me, still standing on the street corner: “You should support the Catholic Education Foundation because doing so changes young lives. We are giving kids the chance to eradicate the cycle of poverty they are experiencing. CEF is not just a Band-Aid; it is the means to an end. It is the medicine that can cure the problem! Giving families a Catholic education opportunity is also good for our schools and ultimately it is good for our church.”

I am getting tired holding the microphone up, so I am signing off. Look forward to the second part of this series in April.

Thank you for caring about our CEF kids!!!

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