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Decree erecting a territorial parish in Olathe, Kansas

Whereas the church has been divinely sent to the nations of the world to be for them “a universal sacrament of salvation” (LG, 18), and, driven by the inner necessity of her own catholicity and obeying the mandate of her Founder (cf. Mark 16:16) strives ever to proclaim the Gospel to all people and,

Whereas the apostles themselves, on whom the church was founded, following in the footsteps of Christ, “preached the word of truth and begot churches”(LG, 23); it is the duty of their successors to make this task endure “so that the word of God may run and be glorified (2 Thes 3:1) and the kingdom of God be proclaimed and established throughout the world.

Whereas, the population in and around Olathe, Kansas, has grown sufficiently to suggest the establishment of a new Catholic parish and the Pastoral Plan completed in October 2008 for the Johnson County Pastoral Region recommended the establishment of a new parish with a campus at 167th Street and Ridgeview Road in Olathe, Kansas, and

After hearing the Presbyteral Council on this matter and consulting with the pastors of the surrounding parishes, I hereby decree, in accord with the prescripts of Canon 518, the erection of a new territorial parish in Olathe, Kansas, effective September 1, 2016.  The new territorial parish shall have the following territorial boundaries:

On the North: From a point consistent with the intersection of W. 151st  Street and S. Hedge Lane, east along W. 151st Street to Mur-Len Road, then south to W. 159th Street and east along W. 159th Street to S. Quivira Road. 

On the East: From S. Quivira Road and W. 159th Street, south  along S. Quivira Road to W. 191th Street, then west along W. 191th Street to S. Renner Road, then south along S. Renner Road to W. 215th Street.

On the South: From S. Renner Road and W. 215th Street west along W. 215th Street to S. Hedge Lane.

On the West: From W. 215th Street and S. Hedge Lane, north along a line consistent with S. Hedge Lane to a point consistent with the intersection of W. 151st Street.

The new parish shall be entrusted to the pastoral care of the Reverend Andrew Strobl, first pastor of the newly erected parish, who will possess all the rights and responsibilities afforded a parish pastor as prescribed in the Code of Canon Law.  A title for the parish will be prescribed in a separate decree.

Given on the 29th day of May, in the Year of Our Lord, Two Thousand and Sixteen, the solemnity of the Most Holy Body and Blood of Christ.

Archbishop Joseph F. Naumann
Given at the Chancery in Kansas City, Kansas

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