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Donors help uphold the dignity of human life

Each year, tens of thousands of people in the Archdiocese of Kansas City in Kansas pledge their prayers and financial gifts to reach those served by the Archbishop’s Call to Share appeal. Their generosity touches the lives of Catholics and non-Catholics alike in communities throughout northeast Kansas. The archdiocesan pro-life office is one of the more than 40 ministries and agencies funded by the generosity of Archbishop’s Call to Share donors.

The mission of the pro-life office is to uphold and protect the incomparable and inviolable worth of every human being — to respect, protect, love and serve life and to activate a great campaign in support of life, as directed by the Gospel of life.

For Alli Donohue, pro-life consultant for the archdiocese, this mission always connects back to the life of an individual person in need.

“I remember the first time I saw a woman go into a clinic carrying a child and come out not pregnant anymore,” recalled Donohue. “It had such a profound impact on me. If we can help even one woman and save even one child, all of our efforts are worth it.”

This passion for the pro-life movement is shared by many people throughout the archdiocese. Their efforts are making a big difference in the lives of young mothers, fathers and families in need in our region.

“On an archdiocesan level, it is really beautiful to see everyone working together — all of the people in our parishes and all of our pastors working together to advance the pro-life cause,” explained Donohue. “Every parish does something to advance the pro-life movement and meet the needs of the people in their community.”

The pro-life office offers a variety of training programs, opportunities for prayer and resources to promote the Gospel of life in northeast Kansas. In addition to educational programs for priests and parishioners, a monthly newsletter and pro-life forums for grade school students, the pro-life office coordinates the annual Rally for Life Mass and March. Each year, more than 1500 people travel to Topeka for the Mass and solemn procession to the steps of the state Capitol.

“Within the archdiocese, there is such a strong unity among people who actively support the pro-life movement,” Donohue said. “They are dedicated to their work to protect and promote the dignity of every human life.”

The pro-life office is entirely funded by grants from the Archbishop’s Call to Share appeal. The prayers and support of people throughout the archdiocese help in a direct way to advance the Gospel of life in our region.

“We simply could not do this work without the generosity of people who support Archbishop’s Call to Share,” said Donohue. “Because of them, we are able to help women who have had an abortion through Project Rachel and those experiencing a crisis pregnancy through our pregnancy centers. These are just two examples of how their gifts are changing — and saving — lives.”

The 2017 appeal recently kicked off in all parishes with a message from Archbishop Naumann. In the coming weeks, you will be invited to pledge your prayers and financial support to help strengthen the archdiocesan pro-life ministry, enliven Catholic education, reach out to those in need, and form our seminarians, priests and deacons.

To learn how your support of the Archbishop’s Call to Share appeal helps those in need in our community, visit the website at:

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