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Energized for life

Davina Barnett is an administrative assistant at Barnett Electrical Heating and AC, a mother of six and parishioner at Holy Angels Catholic Church in Garnett.

Davina Barnett

Age: 33

Parish: Holy Angels, Garnett

Occupation: Mother of six; administrative assistant for Barnett Electrical Heating and AC 

What’s in your toolkit? President of the Altar Society; helped facilitate Bible studies, including Oremus and The Great Adventure Bible Timeline; member of Teams of Our Lady marriage group

What is your Catholic superpower? Eucharist; daily readings and reflections from USCCB; the rosary and asking Our Blessed Mother to intercede for us

Before the convocation

Raising six children and balancing a full-time job doesn’t stop Davina Barnett from fully investing in her Catholic faith.

“Although the life of a working mother, especially of six, is a busy one, it is important to have priorities. And working on the mission of the church should be embedded in our lives,” she said.

Barnett is active at Holy Angels Church in Garnett, where she has gained “a thirst for fellowship.”

Her experiences at the parish “have ultimately helped me see the necessity of caring for our spiritual health and preparing ourselves with the tools our great Catholic faith has passed down,” she said.

She sees the “Enflame Our Hearts” convocation as another way to equip local Catholics with the aptitude to reach out to strangers and loved ones alike.

“Evangelizing within our church is needed, and women and men empowered by the Holy Spirit can help turn the hearts of their families toward the mission God has granted each person in our care,” she said.

Barnett hopes that by attending the convocation, she will learn how to draw others to the faith, “realizing that it is not stepping outside our lives to assist, but it is something that we recognize and feel compelled to participate in for our very own salvation and spiritual health,” she said.

For her, taking additional time to commit to evangelization efforts is a no-brainer.

“People seem to feel it is just one more thing they are adding to their plate but don’t realize it can fill your spirit up in ways that can energize them for life,” she said.

After the convocation

What does it mean to you to be a missionary disciple?

“It means for me to begin on the ground I am already standing. To me, it takes courage to build relationships without fear of rejection or judgment. Understanding my worth in Christ helps me overcome those barriers.

“This convocation helped me understand I can be a missionary disciple within my vocation as a mother/wife/ business owner. There is no other important mission in life.

“We don’t necessarily have to go somewhere to save others; we can save souls right here! . . .  This can begin a ripple effect where others will go and make more disciples.”

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