Column: Hispanic Catholics embrace Faith Initiative

by Father Pat Murphy

I am happy to report that the archdiocesan Faith Initiative is off to a great start among Hispanic Catholics.

It is truly impressive to see the people of God responding enthusiastically to the invitation to deepen their faith. In this month’s column, I would like to share with you some of the highlights in our Year of Faith.

1. Catholicism Project. At the present moment, we are finishing up a 10-week program at All Saints Parish in Kansas City, Kan., and have had a group of 50 faith seekers attending on a weekly basis. In the next four months, we will be starting new sessions at Blessed Sacrament in Kansas City, Kan., St. Catherine in Emporia, St. John in Lawrence and concluding at Our Lady of Guadalupe in Topeka.

2. Immigration Round Table. This has been an excellent way to bring together groups of 20-30 people to share their immigration stories from a faith perspective. We have witnessed amazing conversations taking place. The next round table will be Feb. 21 at Our Lady of Guadalupe.

3. Workshop on Human Relationships. Although this is a late addition to our Faith Initiative, this important workshop was held at Savior Pastoral Center Feb. 2–3 and 125 participated from 11 parishes. The purpose of this formation weekend was to help people creatively reflect on the theme of Christian leadership and human relationships. For many, it was a life-changing experience to reflect on how one relates to others and how Christ calls all of us to relate to others in a different way because we are his disciples.

4. Impactos Family Retreat. As we go to press, 35 families from Holy Cross Parish in Overland Park were registered to live this weekend experience that invites both parents and their children to seriously think about their life in the light of the Christian call to be families that truly impact society.

5. Lenten Mission Retreat. On Feb. 16–17, a two-day retreat on prayer and sacraments, offered by the Apostles of the Interior Life in collaboration with the office of Hispanic ministry, was held at Savior.

6. Still to come:

• Migrant Family Retreat will provide couples with a unique way to reflect on their journey of faith from the biblical perspective of immigration. It will be held at four locations. The first one is March 10 at St. Agnes Parish in Roeland Park.

• Year of Faith Retreat for Youth – July 20-21

• Workshop on Vatican II – Sept. 14-15

• Impactos, June 1-2, at Savior Pastoral Center, and in August at Our Lady of Guadalupe in Topeka

The Faith Initiative is off to a great start and no doubt will have life-lasting effects on all who choose to participate.

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