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Hunts are honored as this year’s Angels Among Us

This year, Gaudeamus will honor Lamar Hunt Jr. and Rita Hunt for their longtime support of Catholic education.

The name Lamar Hunt Jr. is bound to make you think of football. But the namesake of the Kansas City Chiefs founder is also an ice hockey fan and owner of the Kansas City Mavericks.

Sports, moreover, is just one of his many interests.

Hunt has a passion for music and spent years as second flute for the Kansas City Symphony and then went on to pursue his career as a businessman, entrepreneur and licensed professional counselor (LPC). He is also founder of the Loretto Companies, which includes the charitable Loretto Foundation.

Though he has many professional interests, at heart Hunt, with his wife Rita, is all about faith, family and stewardship.

“My gosh, the blessings that I’ve received,” he said. “I can’t even begin to tell people.

“So, it’s my obligation to protect that and use it wisely.”

The Hunts will be honored at this year’s Gaudeamus for their longtime support of Catholic education.

Members of Nativity Parish in Leawood and blessed with nine children and seven grandchildren, Rita and Lamar Hunt truly live their Catholic faith.

A focus of their foundation is supporting programs that allow all children to benefit from Catholic education.

“It’s one thing to pray, and it’s a wonderful thing,” said Lamar. “But eventually, you have to put some things into action.

“And it’s just been on our hearts for many years now to support Catholic education because we’re all children of God; we’re all created in the image of God.

“It is really the obligation of us who have the means to help those who don’t have the means.”

The Hunts will be part of the live-stream Gaudeamus-at-Home event, so you’ll be able to see and hear directly from them about why they have such great faith in, and passion for, Catholic education.

“Lamar Hunt Jr. and Rita have been so good to the Catholic Education Foundation,” said Vince Anch, executive director of the Catholic Education Foundation. “They absolutely love Catholic education and understand the value of it.

“We’ve been so blessed that they agreed to let us honor them.”

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