Archdiocese Local Special Issue - Convocation

Living the Joy

Nikki Frerker is an attorney and parishioner at Curé of Ars in Leawood.

Age: 48

Parish: Curé of Ars, Leawood

Occupation: Attorney

What’s in your toolkit? Catechist for Catechesis of the Good Shepherd and, through personal prayer, the Ignatian Spiritual Exercises 

What is your Catholic superpower? Joy in all things 

Before the convocation

Nikki Frerker was raised Lutheran and converted to Catholicism when she married.

“I learned that each person’s journey is unique. We all encounter Christ in different ways,” she said.

When she was chosen to serve as a delegate to the convocation, it was daunting, Frerker said. Yet, it was energizing, too.

She hopes to use that energy to connect with other delegates and develop new ideas to bring back to her parish.

Over the years, Frerker’s encounters with the Lord through prayer helped her become better at listening to others. In the reading she and her delegation have completed to prepare for the convocation, Frerker believes that listening to others is a significant part of evangelizing and that it is more about a one-on-one authentic relationship of listening and sharing and less about her telling others what she believes.

“Christians have good news to share of Christ’s love that invites us to dance with joy when we can see the good, and rest with peace when the good has not yet been revealed.”  

After the convocation

What was your most inspiring or impactful experience at the convocation?

The deep encounters of shared prayer that were offered throughout the convocation through praise music, spoken words, adoration, Mass, one-on-one connections with new and old friends, and the moment when several non-Catholic Christian pastors and church leaders prayed aloud, one at a time, over our entire convocation, inviting the Holy Spirit in an arresting and transformative way.

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