Meet The Leaven staff


by Anita McSorley

It started off well, as so many things do here at The Leaven.

While I was attending the Charlotte Catholic Media Convention in June of last year, The Leaven staff put together a lovely article about an award I had received from my alma mater, in the course of which they did a little profile of me.

Our designer then slapped a hastily crafted 75th anniversary logo on it and, in honor of the diamond anniversary of the diocesan newspaper, our “occasional series” on The Leaven staff was born.

Of course we intended to follow it up, on a somewhat regular basis, with stories about the other members of the staff, and even some of our longtime freelancers.

The second story in our “occasional series” ran on Feb. 6 — and only then because Catholic Press Month doesn’t fall in May

But we really got in gear then, and, as of this writing, have published stories about our longtime editor Father Mark Goldasich (26 years), longtime senior reporter Joe Bollig (21 years), and longtime designer Todd Habiger (20 years). We’ll be hitting the young ‘uns next, and then the freelancers.

Each story has been revealing in its own way. From our editor, whom I called the Erma Bombeck of the Catholic press, to our designer (who apparently really wanted to be a sportswriter), to our senior reporter — he’s a nut, but a very talented nut — we’ve tried to share with our readers a little about the folks who try to put a little “leaven” in their lives.

To read the stories, go to www.theleaven.org or find us on Facebook under The Leaven Newspaper.

About the author

Anita McSorley

Anita, managing editor of The Leaven, has over 30 years’ experience in book, magazine and newspaper editing, including stints as the assistant editor of the “Diplomatic Papers of Daniel Webster” at Dartmouth College and then in the public relations departments of Texaco, Inc., and the Rockefeller Group in New York. Anita made the move to newspaper editing when she came to The Leaven in 1988, where she has been ever since. Anita is a member of St. Patrick Parish in Kansas City, Kan., and in her spare time, she enjoys giving her long-suffering husband, her children and her staff good advice that they never take.

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