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New section at Resurrection Cemetery for private family mausoleums

Families will be able to choose from a variety of design options for their customized mausoleums to be located in the new section under development at Resurrection Cemetery in Lenexa. COURTESY PHOTO

by Therese Horvat
Special to The Leaven

KANSAS CITY, Kan. — Catholic Cemeteries of Northeast Kansas is offering families the unique opportunity to create a lasting legacy with the design and placement of customized mausoleums in the new “Communio Sanctorum” (“Communion of Saints”) Family Estates under development starting this summer at Resurrection Cemetery, 83rd and Quivira Rd., Lenexa.

“Together throughout much of their lives, members of a family can participate in the selection and design of a private mausoleum where remains of their loved ones will be together in eternal rest,” said Sharon Vallejo, Catholic Cemeteries president. “They will be able to preserve their family heritage and provide a shared resting place for future generations.”

Special design features still being finalized will mark the entryway and the central area of Communio Sanctorum, and landscaped gardens will enhance the overall beauty of this designated area where families can reserve space for construction of customized mausoleums. The section will have a gated entry with lights. Catholic Cemeteries has identified 2.6 acres on the northwest side of Resurrection Cemetery for development of this new section. This garden will be located immediately to the right as people enter the cemetery from W. 83rd St. This area can accommodate 60 to 70 private mausoleums.

Bryan Alonzo, director of sales and marketing, explains that placement of these private structures requires estate lots that will vary in size based on the dimensions of each mausoleum. Catholic Cemeteries will work with families to select the lot and mausoleum suited to their design preferences and the number of persons they expect to be interred in the private estates. The mausoleums can accommodate from one to 20 entombments based on their design. They are intended for full body entombments, but families can add cremation niches to the structures for a variety of interment options.

These mausoleums are fully customizable with optional features, including stained-glass windows, granite walkways, planters, benches, pillars, gates/doors, granite color options, statues, engraving and more. Families can further beautify their private estates with small gardens. Catholic Cemeteries family service advisers will assist during the selection, design and construction phases.

Catholic Cemeteries is developing the Communio Sanctorum section in collaboration with Johnson Granite Supply, Inc., North Kansas City, Missouri, initial design rendering; BKM Construction, Leavenworth, concrete and stone work; Coldspring, St. Cloud, Minnesota, estate structures and customization; and GLMV Architecture, Kansas City, Missouri, entrance and altar design, and landscape architecture.

For more information or to make an appointment with a family service adviser to discuss this private family mausoleum opportunity, call (913) 371-4040 or send an email to: information@cathcemks.org.

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