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Statement from Archbishop Joseph F. Naumann

“We must find a way as a culture to protect all human life, especially children. We pray for the children and adults who died, for their eternal life, and for consolation and comfort for their spouses, parents, siblings and all those who mourn their passing.”

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  • I find this statement so incredibly disheartening.

    My concern is that there have been numerous overt calls to political action by the Archbishop, advocating for people to vote yes on amendment 2, advocating for liberal politicians to be denied communion if they do not support an abortion ban, etc.

    However, when already born children are slaughtered at an alarming rate, a rate that cannot be compared to any other developed nations, there is seemingly no call for any political action whatsoever, just vague calls for somebody to do something. While there is a continuous call for a change to laws and for political action on one issue (abortion), there seems to be merely a lip-service call for somebody to do something about the continuous mass shootings plaguing this country.

    I am disheartened that it seems that on a local level the Church has decided to advocate strongly and very specifically on only right-wing issues. I find it hard to keep the faith when it seems that in a lot of ways the local Church is operating as a fairly effective right-wing operative, especially when on the whole the Republican party bears very, very little resemblance to the example of Christ in my un-ordained opinion.