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Support of ACTS strengthens marriages and family life

Family is the foundation of our communities, our society, our nation and our church,” Archbishop Joseph F. Naumann said. “In a sense, everything in our culture depends on the health of marriage and family life.”

In the coming year, renewed energy and resources will be devoted to strengthening family life in the Archdiocese of Kansas City in Kansas. As part of the implementation of the 10-year mutually shared vision, special emphasis will be placed on the centrality of marriage, parenthood and family in our lives as disciples of Christ.

The generosity of so many to the Archbishop’s Call to Share appeal enlivens efforts to help Christian families fulfill the call to holiness. The archdiocesan office of marriage and family life provides resources, retreats and educational programs for parishes to reach out to couples and families throughout the archdiocese.

In order to support Archbishop Naumann’s vision for stronger marriages and families in our region, the office of marriage and family life has developed the Joyful Marriage Project — a resource to help couples strive for more in their marriages and for their families.

“Our hope, and the way we will change the world, is to help couples be madly in love,” said Deacon Tony Zimmerman, lead consultant of the office of marriage and family life. “When you cultivate joy as a couple, it doesn’t matter what life throws at you — you can weather any storm together and with God.”

Other marriage enrichment programs offered by the archdiocese connect couples with Christ and one another and help them remember why they got married in the first place: to witness God’s love to their families and to the world.

“Our goal is to do everything we can to help couples live the full extent of their vocation,” said Libby DuPont, consultant for natural family planning in the archdiocese. “If we’re doing our job as couples, we are striving to live beautiful, joy-filled lives of love and service.”

The office of marriage and family life offers the popular “Living in Love” and “Everyday in Love” retreats — two marriage enrichment experiences based on Pope Francis’ encyclical, “The Joy of Love.”

The services provided by the office of marriage and family life are possible with the support of Archbishop’s Call to Share donors. Their generosity helps to fund new marriage preparation programs, offsets the cost of training for parish leaders and provides ongoing retreats and formation for couples.

“Every dollar offered in support of our work has a direct impact on our community, the church and, really, the entire world,” said Brad DuPont, marriage and family life consultant for the archdiocese. “You are literally changing the world when you help support stronger marriages and holier families in our region.”

“When we visit with couples in parishes, we see the hope that our message brings,” Deacon Zimmerman added. “People come to understand that marriage is the sacrament that shows the world how to love, how to live and how to be joyful.”

The 2017 Archbishop’s Call to Share appeal recently kicked off in all parishes with a message from Archbishop Naumann. In the coming weeks, you will be invited to pledge your prayers and financial support to help strengthen marriages and family life in our community, enliven Catholic education, reach out to those in need and form our seminarians, priests and deacons.

To learn how your support of the Archbishop’s Call to Share appeal helps couples, families and other people throughout the archdiocese, visit the website at:

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