Column: Thirteen proves no jinx for Hispanic ministry

by Father Pat Murphy

Some people say that the number 13 is all about bad luck, but I beg to differ with them.

On Sept. 9, we initiated Hispanic ministry in the 13th parish in the archdiocese. And from my point of view, the number 13 jinx was nowhere to be found.

I am happy to inform our readers that the newest Spanish Mass being celebrated is at the Cathedral of St. Peter every Sunday at 12:45 p.m. In his comments at the end of the Mass, rector Father Harry Schneider said it all when he remarked: “The celebration of the Mass in Spanish here at the cathedral is indeed a historic moment.” This historic Mass was celebrated with the church about 75 percent full (340 people) and can be summed up by one parishioner who said, “It was nice to see so many people leaving their houses and walking to church.”

Yes, on Sun., Sept. 9 at 12:45 p.m., the cathedral was indeed alive with the sound of music as the Hispanic children’s choir of Holy Trinity led us in joyful song. Once the Mass was concluded, we moved over to the parish hall, where we witnessed the welcoming spirit of the people of the cathedral, as the Altar Society and Knights of Columbus had prepared a beautiful reception to welcome all their new parishioners. Once people arrived at the hall, they were invited to sign up for one of three things:

1. To be a liturgical minister — about 50 did so.

2. Register for religious education — about 30 registered.

3. Enroll for English as a Second Language — 28 signed up.

Our future plans for Hispanic ministry at the cathedral include the following:

• Sept. 20 – Father Jesus Olivares, CS, began weekly office hours

• Oct. 18 – Workshop for new lectors

• Oct. 25 – Workshop for eucharistic ministers

• October – Parish registration drive all month

• October – Training of baptism preparation team

• November – We hope to begin to form a new choir

• Dec. 12 – Celebration of Our Lady of Guadalupe.

Our goal in starting Hispanic ministry at the thirteenth parish in the archdiocese was rather simple — to begin to evangelize the Hispanics of the cathedral neighborhood and offer them an alternative to various other denominations that seem to be popping up in the area almost every day.

On Sept. 2, we had 30 Hispanic missionaries go door to door in the cathedral neighborhood to announce the good news of this new ministry at the cathedral which we began on Sept. 9 with the new Spanish Mas.

A special word of thanks must go out to Father Harry Schneider who had the pastoral vision to begin this new missionary outreach in the Cathedral neighborhood. Gracias, Padrecito!

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