Archdiocese Local Special Issue - Convocation

Together as one

Danny and Kristin Tangeman are parishioners at St. Mary Catholic Church in St. Benedict.

Danny Tangeman

Age: 45 

Parish: St. Mary, St. Benedict 

Occupation: Farming 

Catholic toolkit: Working with engaged couples

Catholic superpower: Actively living our Catholic faith.

Kristin Tangeman

Age: 37  

Parish: St. Mary, St. Benedict 

Occupation: Homemaker/photographer

Catholic toolkit: A convert, religious education teacher, helping in the “children’s church,” working with engaged couples

Catholic superpower: Prayer, sacraments, tradition, saint intercession, First Friday/First Saturday devotions

Before the convocation

As a married couple, Danny and Kristin Tangeman always do things together. When they were asked to represent their parish at the convocation, they agreed without hesitation, because, as Kristin said, they are a “two-for-one special.”

Being active in their parish earned them the recommendation. Yet, no one “Catholic moment” led to their leadership in the convocation. 

“It’s been more of a snowball effect,” Kristin said. “Little things that just keep adding together has led to us seeing God present with us in it all. 

“I hope we have some ideas to help many see how important a true relationship with God is, a personal intimate relationship, to be lived day in and day out.”

Danny and Kristin are entering the convocation with an open mind and hoping to learn new ideas for their parish. On a practical level, their delegation is hoping to generate new approaches to eucharistic adoration, forming a children’s church, parish greeters and even monthly coffee and doughnuts. It’s that simple.

The convocation is calling for each delegate to be an agent of change during the three-day event. That’s a role Danny and Kristin were born for.

“Yes, we have been agents of change in the past,” Danny said. “We were some of the first lead couples in our area to help make a switch in the marriage prep class, ‘Living in Love.’ 

“I hope and pray we are open to the Holy Spirit to be used as the Lord wishes. It always seems to be a challenge worth striving for.”

After the convocation

After experiencing the convocation, what does it mean to you to be a missionary disciple?

Kristin: Don’t be afraid to get comfortable being uncomfortable. Reach out to those Christ puts in your path and ask him to prepare you for those meetings and opportunities.

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