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Wrap your faith into family adventure this summer

by Dana Nearmyer

School is out. What a blessing to have extra time with your kids and no homework to work on at night.

Sacred activity can be really fun, and we should make sure that summertime is a time that we grow closer to Christ. Camp Tekakwitha exists to be sacred and really fun. We would love to help your family in its mission to spend eternity in heaven by ever deepening our relationship in Christ. Camp Tekakwitha still has openings in camps throughout the summer. Check us out online at:

While the kids are away at Camp Tekakwitha or other activities, couples should consider reading Chapter 4 of Pope Francis’ recent apostolic exhortation, “The Joy of Love.”

It is a great and simple way to grow closer as a couple through meaningful reflection and discussion with each other. It will draw you closer to each other and to Christ. Chapter 5 of the same document is a great reflection for parents.

Summer is a great time to create lasting memories for children and us all. Check out our parent website and our robust Pinterest pages for adventure ideas. Please suggest your favorite adventures to us through email and pins, so we can offer a rich collection of adventure ideas.

Wrap the faith into your adventures. Visit one of the Holy Doors (see our website) in the archdiocese as part of a day of adventures. Reading a Scripture passage, as explained below, before heading to the pool is a great practice. Consider this lens to hosting adventures taken from the Camp Tekakwitha staff manual:

We host environments where conversion is likely. Primacy of grace demands that we cooperate with Christ by focusing the campers’ attention on Christ as their direct teacher. A deep connection with Christ is established in the hearts of our campers when they listen to their teacher, Jesus Christ. They encounter the living God through liturgy, Scripture, salvation history, prayer, song, relationship and creation. We pray before each sacred experience — all experiences have a spiritual dimension — “asking the Holy Spirit to speak to us and to reveal an important, unique message to each one of us as we experience this adventure.” Following those experiences, we ask campers: “What did the Holy Spirit /Jesus/ God reveal to you as you reflect on that passage or experience?”

Every day can be a wonderful adventure this summer by engaging with God through meaningful prayer and encounter. On July 30, you are invited to a picnic, 7 p.m. Mass and a Mikey Needleman concert at Prairie Star Ranch. Food will be sold or you can bring your picnic basket. It will be really fun and sacred. Look for details over the summer on our camp website.

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