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You, too, can perform a miracle for a disadvantaged child

Vince Anch is the executive director of the Catholic Education Foundation.

by Vince Anch

often receive very touching letters from parents thanking the Catholic Education Foundation for providing financial assistance scholarships so their children can attend a Catholic school in the archdiocese. 

Most of the letters are from parents who are living under or very near the federal poverty guidelines. They cannot afford to pay even modest tuition amounts to send their children to Catholic schools. 

One mother recently explained that her family was struggling financially and faced a mountain of medical expenses. 

Her children were living in fear while attending a local urban public school where their safety was a daily concern. 

Even though she knew Catholic schools were out of her reach financially, she mustered enough courage to contact the principal at her parish to see if there might be the slightest chance that her children could enroll in the school. 

She also prayed fervently. Soon after her conversation with the principal, she was notified that her children were selected to receive Catholic Education   Foundation scholarships to attend her parish school. 

She could not believe what her ears were hearing. This was nothing short of a miracle to her.

Similar miracles like this take place hundreds of times each year because of the generosity and support of people throughout the archdiocese. 

It truly is a miracle that total strangers to these families voluntarily donate money to the Catholic Education Foundation to help children and families in need. 

This school year alone, over 1,400 children are receiving Catholic Education Foundation scholarships because of the miracles that hundreds of generous donors have made possible. 

We thank all who have given of their time or treasure in helping to support the educational and spiritual development of our children.

We pray fervently for our children, families, schools and supporters, so that many more miracles continue to happen.   

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