The Walking Deadline: An introduction

The Walking Deadline is the staff blog of the Leaven newspaper.
The Walking Deadline is the staff blog of the Leaven newspaper.

by Joe Bollig

After much sturm und drang, and some mocking, The Leaven has finally come up with a name for its blog.

It is “The Walking Deadline.”

There are layers of meaning at work here, my friends.

If you’ve ever had to come to work on a Monday after an eventful weekend, dead tired, to face a deadline that simply had to be met, then you understand one level of meaning.

Another level refers to the fact that after The Leaven meets one deadline, another takes its place. There is no “over and done.” It’s over and over and over, like the eternal labors of Sisyphus. That deadline just gets back up and shuffles on.

And of course, the mind-numbing rush of stories, deadlines, events, calls and demands can turn one into a . . . well, we’ll leave that layer of meaning up to your imagination. The cool kids will get it.

The Walking Deadline is intended to be a place for staff observations, thoughts, and those small, interesting things that don’t fit into a story.

We racked our brains to come up with this name (Brains! Braaaaaaains!), poring over lists until our eyes glazed over and we were practically incoherent.

It’s a work in progress, so we hope you’ll stick with us and check in often.

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