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Abortion is far more than a single issue

Debra Niesen is the archdiocesan consultant for the pro-life office.

by Debra Niesen

This past November, the U.S. Catholic bishops again identified the protection of unborn children as the preeminent moral priority.

Why? 1) Abortion attacks the most vulnerable and innocent; 2) abortion occurs within the family, destroying the most precious of human bonds pitting mother versus child or mother versus father; and 3) the sheer number of human lives destroyed (nearly one million babies) and damaged (mothers, fathers, family members) annually from abortion.

The bishops share this to help us properly form our conscience to the moral principles and priorities of our faith. This formation is essential when we vote for those who will represent us in government. As faithful citizens, we must elect officials who defend innocent life.

Being pro-life is foundational to our Catholic identity. There should be no confusion or ignorance surrounding the church’s teaching on the sanctity of human life. Yet, many justify voting for candidates that support legalized abortion by saying, “You can’t be a single-issue voter.” Friends, abortion is far from a single-issue.

Abortion kills an innocent child: Always. Otherwise, there would be no need for abortion. No other debated public policy always ends in the death of an innocent person.

This fact alone should be the game-over decision that disqualifies any candidate supporting legalized abortion from receiving our vote.

Yet, the ugly tentacles of the abortion industry extend into many other societal evils.

Violence towards women: Abortion is not health care or empowering. Many women report being pressured to abort and, as a result, often suffer physically and endure a lifetime of shame, depression, broken relationships, substance abuse and suicidal thoughts.

Also, abortion and sex-trafficking are undeniably linked. The abortion industry is known to turn a blind eye so they and abusers can continue to profit.

Promotion of youth promiscuity: Planned Parenthood is working hard to partner with public schools to be “the trusted sex  education resource” for children.

In California, Planned Parenthood already runs “well-being centers” inside high schools — a publicly funded strategy to ensure a never-ending stream of abortion customers.

Loss of parental rights: Unless Kansas passes the “Value Them Both” constitutional amendment, the Kansas parental notification law for minors seeking an abortion is now at risk of being overturned.

Should that happen, parents would not even know that their 15- year-old daughter had an abortion and could be suffering from its physical and emotional effects.

Racism: Planned Parenthood’s founder, Margaret Sanger, was a racist eugenics advocate. Planned Parenthood continues to carry out her mission. Seventy-nine percent of Planned Parenthood clinics are placed in minority communities, resulting in black women being four times as likely as white women to have an abortion; 360 black babies are aborted every day.

For more information, visit the website at: and do your own research; be skeptical of sources that profit from abortion.

On Nov. 3, as people of love and life, let’s reject candidates who fight for the abortion industry that inflicts death, pain and widespread evil in our great country.

There is simply too much at stake for its victims — both born and unborn.

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