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Amendment defeat calls for more advocacy — and more prayer

Chuck Weber is the executive director of the Kansas Catholic Conference. He can be reached at

by Chuck Weber

The defeat of the “Value Them Both” state constitutional amendment is cause for mourning — and presents new opportunities.   

Many are rightfully asking of the vote: “What happened?” The short explanation is that the U.S. Supreme Court’s Dobbs case ruling overturning Roe v. Wade ignited abortion industry supporters and their secular media allies in a campaign of lies. Last minute “dark money” flowing in from out-of-state overwhelmed the message of life. 

Thank you to all who defended the lives of preborn babies and worked to protect women from the predatory abortion industry.  On behalf of the Kansas Catholic bishops, please know that we will never abandon moms and their babies.

Efforts moving forward must be rooted in prayer.  Our struggle is first and foremost spiritual. We consecrated efforts for “Value Them Both” to Our Lady of Guadalupe, Patroness of the Unborn.  She will not abandon us, her children. 

We must also do more to help women experiencing unplanned pregnancies.  Coming from diverse backgrounds and circumstances, women confronting an unplanned pregnancy often share the common emotion of terror. The abortion industry has convinced far too many with the disgraceful lie that terminating a pregnancy is “the answer.”   

Secular media outlets are now reporting that the Kansas abortion industry cannot keep up with the increased demand for pregnancy terminations.  Sadly, this was expected. A new abortion facility recently opened in metro Kansas City. Will more follow?       

The Archdiocese of Kansas City in Kansas is encouraging 100% parish participation in the Walking with Moms in Need initiative ( Pregnancy resource centers (PRCs) are a key part of this loving, life-giving alternative (including postabortive care).  PRCs can be located by utilizing the website at:

Not content with unrestricted and virtually unlimited abortion under Kansas law, the abortion industry is now taking aim at pregnancy resource centers.  News reports by abortion industry allies in the secular press are planting seeds of deception and doubt about the mission and legitimacy of PRCs.  Why is the abortion industry terrified of grassroots efforts of help for women experiencing an unplanned pregnancy? Lost profits, perhaps?

On the legislative front, the Kansas Catholic Conference is exploring expanded access to pregnancy resource centers, maternity homes and similar life-affirming resources.  

Furthermore, we will hold the abortion industry and secular news media accountable for assurances made during the “Value Them Both” campaign that the Kansas abortion industry is already “heavily regulated.”  Will existing common sense Kansas abortion laws be challenged? Time will tell.     

Despite the daily tragedy of abortion  that is unfolding before us, we must strive to be a people of joy. If we cannot protect women and their preborn children with the law, we must do it with persevering love.

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