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Archbishop invites us all to join him in a ‘Catholic moment’

Bill Maloney is the executive director of the archdiocesan office of stewardship and development. You can email him at:

by Bill Maloney

During a recent meeting with our pastors and parish staff, Archbishop Joseph F. Naumann said, “Archbishop’s Call to Share is a Catholic moment for our people.”

He went on to say that “most of our Catholic life happens at our parish, and that is a beautiful thing. Call to Share is an opportunity to pool our resources and direct them to where they are most needed and will have the biggest impact.”

“Catholic moment.” Those words struck me. Truthfully, I have been very parochial with my Catholic faith. “What’s in it for my parish?” is a thought that often crossed my mind. That was my mindset until about 18 years ago. It was then I began working for the archdiocese and learned what the Archbishop’s Call to Share (ACTS) was all about at that moment.

I realized that while my parish has abundant resources and serves many people, it can’t begin to take on all the ministries of the Catholic Church. We have a great school, but would it thrive without the support of the archdiocesan school office or the Catholic Education Foundation? Our director of religious education does marvelous things, but where would she be without the curriculum and training provided by the office of children’s catechesis? Could our parish conceivably take care of all the needs of the vulnerable in our community, like Catholic Charities?

These are only a few examples. In the last several years, I’ve continued to learn about the workings of this archdiocese. In years prior, though, I managed capital campaigns for five different dioceses. I met many very generous people who loved their church and many who “really” loved their parish. I think that is great. Many of these people questioned why they should participate in a diocesan campaign when their parish had many needs.

One priest in Minnesota gave me great counsel on answering that question. He said to remind people that their priest is the greatest gift their diocese provides to them.

I had honestly not thought of that, but it is true. Archbishop’s Call to Share funds our vocations office. Our vocations office is out in the community helping more men discern a calling to the priesthood. It also funds our permanent diaconate formation. Our deacons are a gift to our parishes and our priests with whom they serve.

In addition to all our ministry offices, Archbishop’s Call to Share directly impacts many of our parishes. Yearly, ACTS funds support the operations of our urban core parishes and schools. Also, ACTS funds the capital needs of these parishes and provides resources for these parishes when emergencies arise.

Archbishop’s Call to Share is an opportunity for all of us to participate in doing something good. Your gift to the appeal will impact someone’s life right here in our archdiocese.

Please join me in saying “yes” to this “Catholic moment.”

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