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August retreat invites teens to see the difference three days can make

Do whatever He tells you
Rick Cheek is the associate consultant for the office of evangelization and Catholic formation of youth.

by Rick Cheek

“A lot can happen in three days!”

I saw that quote on a T-shirt at Soul Provider in Seneca a couple weeks before the Easter Triduum.

 Yes, I bought one, and that quote stuck with me throughout the rest of Lent and even now, this Fifth Week of Easter. 

That quote — and Easter — got me thinking about the Teens Encounter Christ weekend we are hosting at Prairie Star Ranch in August. TEC is a three-day event, and a lot can happen in these three days.

Think about your best friend. Before they became your BFF, you had to spend time together — time to build trust — because it’s pretty hard to trust someone if you don’t know them first, right?

So, you and your best friend probably spent time talking and laughing, sharing fun times and some of the really hard and confusing stuff, too. Through all of that, you got to know each other and build your friendship!

Well, guess what? Your friendship with Jesus is built the exact same way. It requires time and sharing yourself to build the trust of a good relationship.

The Teens Encounter Christ weekend is an in-depth meditation of the Triduum, the paschal mystery of Jesus Christ. Each day illuminates a distinct grace to be gained from pondering our Lord’s passion.

Saturday is “die day”: dying to ourselves, relinquishing those things that keep us from our focus on God.

These days there are a lot of distractions. In dying to ourselves, we allow God to lead us through our daily struggles and keep our focus on him who created us.

Each of the talks allow us to reflect, pray and share with a group on how you can accomplish this.

Sunday is “rise day.” Rising to new life, we focus on the joy of the resurrection of Our Lord. Each of the talks this day present how we can better live our life with Jesus at the center. Life lived with Christ changes who we are.

Monday is “go day.” These talks focus on going forth and living the Gospel, impacting the world you live in.

Throughout the weekend, you will learn more about your Catholic faith, have the opportunity to encounter Christ and spend time growing your relationship with the Lord.

TEC provides a fresh atmosphere away from home, school and work — a Catholic community that extends across the archdiocese — and sacraments through which to encounter God’s mercy and Jesus himself in the Eucharist.

We pray you join us this Aug. 14-16 at Prairie Star Ranch in Williamsburg. Go online to: to register. No one is turned away because of cost; scholarships are available.

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