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Catholic schools are on a mission, and our staff is right alongside

Vince Cascone is the superintendent of archdiocesan schools.

by Vince Cascone

There is nothing like the energy at the beginning of the school year.

The school community of faith is back together and teachers have been preparing lessons to help their students expand their minds. Our faculty and staff members love the students and are looking forward to helping them to have an even stronger relationship with Jesus.

The schools in the archdiocese share the same purpose, mission and core principles. That being said, each school community is unique in how it accomplishes this. This is what guides each of our schools:   

Purpose: Understanding that each child is a masterpiece of God, created with precision for a specific purpose, the Catholic schools of the Archdiocese of Kansas City in Kansas provide an education that forms the whole person, so that all may attain their eternal destiny and promote the common good of society.

Mission: In partnership with parents, the Catholic schools of the archdiocese provide students with exceptional, Christ-centered education rooted in traditional values, forming students who are joyfully Catholic, diligently achieving and intentionally self-giving.

Core principles: joyfully Catholic, diligently achieving, intentionally self-giving, prudently managed and forward thinking.

One of the main goals in the office of Catholic Schools (OCS) is to support pastors, principals and each of our school communities. The most important work that gets done is on the local level by school faculty and staff members. I would like to briefly introduce you to our OCS personnel:

Allison Carney is an  associate superintendent. She focuses on  catholicity, accreditation, curriculum, professional development, teacher recruitment and more.  

Lorenzo Rizzi is an  associate superintendent. He works with school counselors and supports schools regarding students with special needs.

Felicia Holcomb is the consultant for marketing and enrollment. She works with school leaders and advancement personnel to support enrollment management and marketing efforts. 

Jane Rall is the consultant for the School Advancement Program. She works with schools to implement a multi-year plan that supports board development, fundraising, enrollment and operational vitality.

Amy Lanham is the office and research data manager. She provides comprehensive office management, research and data reports for the OCS.

Sharon Madrigal is an administrative assistant. She processes applications for substitutes, teachers and principals. She schedules meetings and coordinates events when the office provides professional development, faith retreats or planning sessions.

Marcy Maher is an administrative assistant. She provides administrative support in the areas of file management digitization and event planning.

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