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CEF makes largest scholarship allocation in history for ’22-’23

Vince Anch is the executive director of the Catholic Education Foundation.

by Vince Anch

The Catholic Education Foundation sympathizes with the many families that have been hit hard by the high costs of consumer goods because of inflation and the lingering effects that COVID has had on the job market. CEF wants to help as many families as possible during this challenging time.

The Catholic Education Foundation is proudly announcing that it will be increasing its scholarship funding to make it easier for more families to send their children to a Catholic school next year.

The CEF board of directors has approved a minimum of $3.5 million in scholarship awards for next year and has also agreed to make more funding available if additional need exists.

This will be CEF’s largest scholarship allocation in its history. CEF’s goal is to award 1,600 scholarships to youth throughout the Archdiocese of Kansas City in Kansas for the 2022-23 school year.

We are inviting parents who have interest in sending their children to a Catholic school to contact their parish schools to see if they qualify for CEF or other scholarships.

CEF scholarships are financial assistance scholarships that are awarded to families who might have financial challenges in affording tuition. These are not scholarships based on academic performance or athletic achievement but solely based on financial need.

Scholarships are available for students in grades K-12. There is no obligation to parents to inquire about scholarships. Parents might even be surprised by what they qualify for with CEF financial assistance scholarships.

Catholic schools are providing a vital service to families and entire communities. Now, more than ever, Catholic schools are becoming a safe haven for families who want a tried-and-true curriculum in a wholesome and safe environment.

Today’s youth are facing unbelievable influences and challenges. Many parents are becoming increasingly frustrated with the state of public schools and are turning to Catholic schools for their children’s educational and personal development.

Because Catholic schools also provide faith formation, they successfully develop children spiritually as well as intellectually, emotionally and socially.

The Catholic Education Foundation wants to help as many children and youth as possible to reach their learning and spiritual potential.

CEF scholarships make this possible for hundreds and hundreds of families each year, and the results are significant.

CEF hopes to help even more families next year with the gift of a Catholic education, especially during this challenging time.

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