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CEF thanks donors on behalf of the many kids they’ve helped

Vince Anch is the executive director of the Catholic Education Foundation.

by Vince Anch

Each year during the Advent season, the Catholic Education Foundation receives hundreds of handwritten cards from children thanking us for the scholarships they have received.

Many include details about what they like most about school. When I was in school, I would have said recess was my favorite part.

Many of these kids are saying thank you for giving them the opportunity to learn about Jesus and pray during school.

It’s always a pleasant surprise to see this. I believe that our Catholic schools are becoming even more Catholic today than at any time.

I often visit schools throughout the archdiocese. During these visits I meet with principals, tour the schools and visit classrooms. I am amazed how much these kids are learning about and practicing their faith while also learning the core educational subjects that they need to succeed.

Not only are our students attending Masses each week, they are also participating in eucharistic adoration, praying the rosary and meeting in small groups or “faith houses” where they pray, discuss living the life of Jesus and worship God. It’s truly inspiring to witness.

Our Catholic schools are providing vigorous academic instruction. They also help our youth grow in their faith and transform into “good Samaritans.” They do this in safe environments in a family atmosphere which is becoming more vital than ever.

In our schools our students prepare for their sacraments and receive them with their classmates. This creates lifelong bonds that keep our children on the right spiritual path. Nearly every year, some Catholic school students become seminarians to give back to our church community.

Each year, we also receive letters from parents thanking CEF for the scholarships their children receive.

A recent letter from a parent shared: “My son and I would like to thank CEF for their generous contribution that will allow him to have a Catholic education. Those two small words, thank you, do not express how much your gift means to both of us. There are so many stressful things in everyday life, especially concerning finances. This scholarship will give my son a treasured education. May the grace of Our Lord Jesus Christ be with you and all of the CEF families.”

On behalf of the 1,800 children that are currently receiving CEF scholarships, I thank everyone who supports our students.

May the grace of Our Lord be with you this Advent season!

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