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Chalk-full of faith

No public Masses. No religious education. No problem. A mothers’ group of St. Matthew Parish in Topeka came up with a fun activity to remind their children of Christ’s sacrifice. The children of various families took to the driveway to draw one Station of the Cross in sidewalk chalk. Put together, the complete Stations come to life. Below, you can see the artwork and the artists who created them.

FIRST Station — “Jesus Is Condemned to Death,” by Simon, Aiden and Collin Potts, children of Trevor and Nichole.

SECOND Station — “Jesus Carries the Cross,” by McKinley  and Mason Chavez, children of Matt and Megan.

THIRD Station — “Jesus Falls for the First Time,” by Thomas Ball, son of Daniel and Laura.

FOURTH Station — “Jesus Meets His Mother,” by Layne and Will Korus, children of Les and Sara.

FIFTH Station — “Simon Helps Jesus Carry His Cross,” by Isabella and Isaac Orton, children of Chad and Bobbi.

SIXTH Station — “Veronica Wipes the Face of Jesus,” by Katharine, Margaret, Michael and Nicholas Dimmer, children of Erik and Marion.

SEVENTH Station — “Jesus Falls a Second Time,” by Kendall, Camden and Abigail Lewis, children of Kyle and Allison.

EIGHTH Station — “Jesus Speaks to the Women,” by Katharine, Margaret, Michael and Nicholas Dimmer, children of Erik and Marion.

NINTH Station — “Jesus Falls the Third Time,” by Katalina, Gabriella and Avelina Uhl, children of Josh and Yolanda.

TENTH Station — “Jesus Is Stripped of His Garments,” by Landon, Gavin and Natalie Broxterman, children of Ben and Stephanie.

ELEVENTH Station — “Jesus Is Nailed to the Cross,” by Evan Vink, son of Scot and Jovanna.

TWELFTH Station — “Jesus Dies on the Cross,” by Haven and Jack Lutz, children of Bret and Erin.

THIRTEENTH Station — “Jesus Is Taken Down from the Cross,” by Evelyn and Thomas Ball, children of Daniel and Laura.

FOURTEENTH Station — “Jesus Is Laid in the Tomb,” by Lilly, Grace and Elliott Charvat, children of Matt and Sarah.

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