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by Beth Blankenship

The definition of change is to make or become different.

Most of us plan our lives to a certain extent. We grow up, go to school and graduate. Then we start making a series of choices about college, jobs and marriage, or other vocations. These choices come with such tremendous changes in our lives that we either grow or fall apart.

My choices led to wonderful and exciting times in my life. Changes I embraced fully. My husband and I had great adventures. We made many lifetime friends who have been there for us through all of the good and bad times for years.

More changes! Children came along! Five of them! That was such a gift and such a challenge. There were moves, job changes and all the house-hunting and changing of schools for the kids. But it was good.

And finally, there were sorrows. A stillborn daughter. A son who died when he was seven years old. Maybe the most difficult was losing my husband. But I am comforted by the thought that he is with our children and God in heaven.

Change continues. Last year I moved back to Kansas City to be near my children (except my daughter who remained in Cincinnati) and my grandchildren. I also took a job with The Leaven newspaper as the ad coordinator and bookkeeper.

What I have have finally discovered about change is this: Change is not a choice and it can be hard. But it is ultimately the path upon which we can pray our way to God.

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