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Counting the many blessings of Eucharistic Amazement

Deacon Dana Nearmyer is the director of evangelization for the archdiocese.

by Deacon Dana Nearmyer

Merry Christmas!

I love setting up the manger scene with my kids and now grandkids because the greatest inheritance I will be able to pass on to them is the love that Jesus desires to share with them.

Setting up the Nativity with the sheep, angels, wise men and then Joseph, Mary and Jesus gives me the chance to ask, “Who is that?” 

“Who do you say that I am?” is a central question in Scripture. Jesus asks us this same question each day. We can, and should, ask Jesus the same question. There are so many beautiful discoveries in both asking Jesus, “Who do you say that I am,” and responding to the same question.

Quick thinking tells us to call Jesus the Son of God, and Our Lord and Savior. He calls us sons and daughters. There are so many rich answers to those questions, but ultimately God wants us to share in the divine life of the Trinity because he loves us as children.

The Eucharist is the primary way to share in that divine life. Jesus is there, in the Eucharist, and we can share the eucharistic story, the story of Jesus, as our inheritance and legacy to our own children and grandchildren. 

Our archdiocese, alongside all the dioceses in the country, is spending the next three years diving into what Pope John Paul II coined  “Eucharistic Amazement.” 

The first year of the three years of the Eucharistic Amazement has been full of blessings! The priests and deacons have had study days, workshops and retreats surrounding Eucharistic Amazement.

Seven workshops have been offered regionally to lay liturgical ministers by the liturgy office. The Nemaha-Marshall and Southern regions have conducted beautiful eucharistic processions, and the Atchison Region has one on the books for this spring.

Father Ramiro Sanchez Chan, CS, the director of Hispanic ministry, and Karla Melgar, evangelization consultant, have held robustly attended workshops and reflection days for Spanish- speaking leaders.

Check out the website at: to explore the resources offered and events being held to help you to fall deeper in love with Jesus and his bride, the church, through the Eucharist.

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