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Locking arms with fellow Kansas Christians for women and babies

Chuck Weber is the executive director of the Kansas Catholic Conference.

by Chuck Weber

An evangelical friend of mine says that when it comes to people of faith acting in the public square to protect women and preborn babies, “Catholics are organized, but unmotivated. Evangelicals are motivated, but unorganized.” 

This may have once been true, but no longer. Shocking, unacceptable facts confirming Kansas as the new, emerging abortion destination for the entire Midwest are motivating everyday Catholics and other Christians to work together to take action like never before.   

Kansas faith communities are locking arms with one another to spread the word about why passing the “Value Them Both” amendment is so critical for the protection and well-being of women and babies. 

“Value Them Both” is a direct response to a Kansas Supreme Court ruling that radically changed the Kansas Constitution, making it impossible to regulate abortion in even the simplest of ways.

Yes, that’s right. Because of this ruling, the Kansas abortion industry is that close to permanently being able to perform unlimited abortions in unregulated facilities. This would put both women and preborn children in great danger.

Unlike our neighboring states, taxpayer- funded and late-term abortion could soon be 100% allowed, along with abortions on teenage girls without their parents’ knowledge, and much more, unless Kansans pass the “Value Them Both” amendment Aug. 2.

This Kansas abortion nightmare scenario is already unfolding. The latest available data from the Kansas Department of Health and Environment (KDHE) revealed the single largest increase in Kansas abortions in 25 years.

Plus, for the first time in decades, more than half of all Kansas abortions were performed on women from surrounding states. Abortions on women from Arkansas went up 185%; Oklahoma, 326%; Texas, up an astounding 1,156%. 

Little wonder the abortion industry flaunted its successful leaps toward making Kansas a “haven” state for itself. Unfortunately, its in-your-face claim appears to be correct, and they’re not done yet. But neither are we.

“Value Them Both” is fast becoming the single largest grassroots campaign in Kansas history and gaining momentum by the day. You’re making it happen. Can you make phone calls? Plant a sign in your yard? Talk to your family members and friends? Knock on the doors of your neighbors? 

This movement needs every person in Kansas who values both women and babies to help. Together, our efforts can overcome others’ apathy, a biased news media and the formidable forces and deep pockets of the abortion industry. With your help, we can win. Learn online how to join the effort at:

The amendment is set for a statewide vote of the people on Aug. 2.  Advance voting begins July 14. You can make sure you are registered to vote by going online to: Advance ballot requests are now being accepted by county election offices.

Come join other Christian brothers and sisters from across Kansas in this historic fight to protect women and preborn babies. For their sake, failure is not an option.

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