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by Bill Maloney

The Archdiocese of Kansas City in Kansas is blessed with a multitude of faithful Catholics who are grateful in sharing the many blessings bestowed on them by God.

The growth of the Archbishop’s Call to Share over the last 20 years is evidence of the faith of the faithful of the archdiocese. Thank you for giving back to the Lord and helping to build his kingdom in the archdiocese.

Our beautiful churches and sacred worship spaces are testaments to the faith and sacrifice of the generations that came before us. Another testament is the funds that make up the Catholic Foundation of Northeast Kansas.

The Catholic Foundation of Northeast Kansas (CFNEK) was established by Archbishop Ignatius J. Strecker in 1989 and will soon be celebrating its 35th anniversary in serving the devoted Catholics of the Archdiocese of Kansas City in Kansas. 

The CFNEK provides an opportunity for parishioners to give something permanent to the archdiocese, your parish, school or favorite Catholic ministry.

The CFNEK offers many opportunities for the faithful of the archdiocese to make a gift to or establish a new endowment, scholarship or a donor-     advised fund that will give glory to God.

The Catholic Foundation of Northeast Kansas offers many ways for a family to leave a legacy through family philanthropy. The CFNEK has permanent endowment funds for many of our parishes, schools and ministries in the archdiocese. 

Some of these funds were established by the parishes and schools, but many of our funds are established by generous donors looking to assist parishes, schools and families for years to come.

Over the last several years, a donor-advised fund has become a popular charitable giving tool because it is flexible and manageable from one simple account. The CFNEK offers a Catholic version of a donor-advised fund.

The archdiocese and many of our institutions receive many gifts from donor-advised funds. For those who currently have a donor-advised fund and those who do not, we invite you to consider utilizing the CFNEK for your donor-advised fund. We offer Catholic socially responsible investments and a significant portion of the administrative fees are cycled back into our Catholic community.

A Catholic donor-advised fund with the  CFNEK is an opportunity to pass on the faith and the beauty of Catholic philanthropy to your loved ones and your community. For more information about the Catholic Foundation of Northeast Kansas and the opportunities available, please visit the website at:

The staff of the CFNEK is here to advise you on how to maximize your giving to the Catholic institutions that are most important to you. We look forward to hearing from you.

And God bless you.

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