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‘Nun Run’ opens a window on religious life for high school girls

The Franciscan Sisters introduce their high school visitors to a round of their classic Catholic board game from Brazil during last year’s Nun Run. The event gave girls the opportunity to visit three convents during spring break to explore a possible calling to religious life. COURTESY PHOTO

by The Leaven

“The Nun Run last year was such a huge success that I had no reservations about opening the opportunity again in 2023 to other girls who want to experience the life of Sisters,” said Meghan Ascher, youth director at Church of the Nativity in Leawood.

Over spring break 2022, six high school girls embarked on a weeklong journey to visit three convents, opening their hearts to what vocation the Lord might be calling them to. The girls spent 48 hours at each convent, three days and two nights, where they entered the rhythm of the life of the convent, working and praying with the Sisters.

Avery, a 15-year-old participant in last year’s trip, loved everything about it.

“The Nun Run was an amazing experience that helped me grow in my faith and deepen my spiritual life. I enjoyed spending time with the Sisters and experiencing the different ways they pray and work. It was one of the highlights of my year,” she said.

This year, the “runners” will return to two archdiocesan communities: the Fraternity the Poor of Jesus Christ and the Sisters, Servants of Mary. In addition, they will journey to the Marian Sisters of the Diocese of Lincoln.

They will participate in each order’s respective missions, including homeless street ministry, visiting the sick and dying, and spending time with the mentally and physically handicapped.

The Sisters, Servants of Mary, who welcomed the Nun Run last year, speak highly of the girls’ time at their convent.

“My favorite takeaway from their stay,” said Sister Teresa Seaton, SSM, “was seeing the girls feel comfortable to be themselves and enjoy their time with us.”

Ascher said that it is important the girls feel free in their discernment. They will begin the experience with an orientation night at Nativity learning the basics of discernment before going out to meet the Sisters. Last year, she said, the travel time between convents proved to be an important time for them to process their experiences in an open dialogue.

“High school girls who would give up their spring break to entertain a potential call to religious life are truly mature, adventuresome and dynamic people, and I genuinely enjoy my time spent with them,” Ascher said.

The Nun Run this year will once again be offered over spring break, from the evening of March 10-17.

Ascher said the trip is open to any high schooler 14-18 years old who would like to participate, whether they are seriously discerning a call to religious life or not.

“Sometimes, you just have to take a step before you know which path in life the Lord might be calling you,” she said.

The cost is $50 to attend, and Ascher can be reached at (913) 954-2261 to register. The Church of the Nativity website includes information about the upcoming event at: www.kcnativity.org/NunRun.

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